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The great thing about a boutique is that they carry a myriad of beautifully curated items. Walking though boutiques I’m always inspired to see all the different pieces carefully placed in a way to delight my senses. I’ve always dreamed of owning a boutique and my online shop is the first step! {working on a brick + mortar} 

Here is some insight into the pieces that I’ve created for my little space on the internet. Why I’ve put together the pieces I have and what drives my creativity. 

STEFKA HANDBAGS - Designed and Made in NYC, Stefka handbags are customizable leather goods for brunch-loving women everywhere! Take the time to showcase your personality by choosing your own color blocking for our KNOT POUCHES!

Our bags are begging to come with you on a beach day, a relaxing poolside afternoon, sit with you by the fire at your favorite ski lodge and travel the world. We are upgrading your casual travel favorites by using soft amazing leathers and original sleek timeless designs. And the best part - wait for it - is that our bags are made in NYC.

GRAPHIC CLOTHING- Stefka has always been inspired by her surroundings. For over 20 years she has been making graphics with Rockaway Beach as her inspiration on clothing to share the love of her hometown. Recently adding cute fun text T shirts.

ESSENTIAL OIL PERFUME - Where to begin? Doesn’t every fashion house add a fragrance eventually? Seriously this came from a kind of necessity. I LOVE scent, the way they can transport  me or help set a mood or just put that finishing touch on an outfit for a night out. 

I fell in love with using Essential Oils and after experimenting a little with the for fragrance decided to create something beachy for myself. I’ve been on a quest for a beautiful deep beach scent for literally years. And couldn’t find anything I really loved. Add on top of that most perfumes are filled with chemical junk! And would give me a headache. What I really love about using pure therapeutic essential oils for my frnagrances is that they have dual purposes: one to smell incredible together and two to support you, emotionally, hormonally etc. I’ve mixed these pure therapeutic grade oils with organic sugar cane alcohol to bring you a truly beautifully crafted scent. 

About me in general - I have deep roots in New York City starting with my Great Grandmother settling in Manhattans Lower East Side. This pride in my city is where this obsession with architecture plays out in my designs. On my other side, my Grandparents settled in Rockaway Beach, NYC which is where my easy beach style translates into the pieces and items I create 

Please feel free to email with any questions about products, sizing, wholesale inquiries: